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Technology Classroom at Virginia Beach Middle School in Virginia Beach, VirginiaMail Slots Organizer at Virginia Beach Middle School in Virginia Beach, VirginiaScience Classroom Casework at Virginia Beach Middle SchoolScience Classroom Casework at Virginia Beach Middle School in Virginia Beach, VirginiaCustom Classroom Entrance ArchSecurity Desk at Virginia Beach Middle SchoolPlastic Laminate Clad School Casework at Bethel Middle School - HamptonBobbywood Resturant - Norfolk, VirginiaBobbywood Resturant - Norfolk, VirginiaSonoma Wine Bar & Bistro - Town Center, Virginia BeachSonoma Wine Bar & Bistro - Town Center, Virginia BeachCustom Cherry Hardwood Kitchen CabinetryCutom Cherry Hardwood Kitchen CabinetryScience Lab Cabinets at Great Neck Middle SchoolCherry Hardwood Kitchen Cabinetry

What is "Green Manufacturing"?

Green Manufacturing has many aspects including:

  1. Reducing the toxicity of raw materials used in production.
  2. Reducing energy consumption duing the manufacturing process.
  3. Recycling materials and scrap.
  4. Reducing the amount of packaging in final products.

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Julian Swain Builders provides products and materials not only that are environmentally responsible but also that support the formal certification for projects.  We understand that the green building field grows and changes daily and that our clients seek opportunities to improve both the environment as a whole and the work spaces of those who use the buildings.  The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) specifies the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification to provide guidelines on building practices that promote healthy, durable, affordable, and environmentally sound practices in both building design and construction.

Julian Swain Builders has extensive experience in design and build processes to produce products that support LEED certification.  No single product or process can guarantee the credit points toward certification by the Green Building Certificaiton Institute; however, Julian Swain Builders uses a variety of materials and techniques that meet the credit requirements in LEED certification programs.  These include:

  • IEQ Credit 3.2:  Indoor Air Quaility
  • IEQ Credit 4.1:  Low-emitting Materials (Adhesives and Sealants)
  • IEQ Credit 4.2:  Low-emitting Materials (Paints and Coatings)
  • IEQ Credit 4.3:  Low-emitting Materials (Composite Woods and Agrifiber Products)

Materials and Resources

  • MR Credit 4:  Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5:  Regional Materials
  • MR Credit 6:  Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • MR Credit 7:  Certified Wood
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